The Rapture – When Does it Happen?

Throughout this Rapture video clip the timing of the rapture will be outlined. Could the time of the rapture end up being linked with Rosh Hashanah? Jesus Christ will quickly come to rapture the true followers walking in holiness.

Is The Rapture During Rosh Hashanah

These are the END DAYS! The Fast Approaching Signs in the Heavens are getting much closer. The rapture of true Christians is very near. Are you presently helping wake up your loved ones? MORE BELOW!

*Remember to Show This particular presentation is actually intended to be a witnessing tool for being provided and presented to anyone you care about which may not know about or maybe deny to comprehend Bible prophecy as well as the warnings involving the days.

Jesus Christ provides us an escape from the arriving 7 years of hell-on-earth. In Luke 21:36 we read that He told us to watch and pray that we may do just that – escape. This get away is the rapture of His church Prior to the time of Jacobs trouble! HalleluYah!

DISCLAIMER: To assert to recognize the “day and hour” of the rapture or 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, you need 1st the actual year. Because I are unsure of the years of those events, no rapture date is talked about or stated in this video. Merely a time frame was found based on scriptural, astronomical and also Hebraic basic facts.

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Why you need a savior

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